E01. Smuttynose

Smuttynose Murders-1873

Murder by Gaslight

Mystery on the Isles of Shoals: Closing the Case on the Smuttynose Ax Murders of 1873

By J. Dennis Robinson

A History of Labor at Maine State Prison

By Jordan Bailey

Karen’s testimony –

The New England Grimpendium by J.W. Ocker

On N.H.’s Isle Of Shoals Spend a Night at the Oceanic Hotel

By Phil Primack

E02. Bleistiftmörder

E03. New Jersey Man Eater 

Close to Shore; the terrifying shark attacks of 1916 by Michael Capuzzo 

The Matawan Historical Society 

Epic has a great two piece article-

Part 1

Part 2

The Shark Attacks that Were the Inspiration for Jaws

By  Megan Gambino

Two Weeks, Four Deaths and the start of America’s Fear Of Sharks

By Matt McCall

Museum of unnatural history blog

By Lee Krystek

Blood in the water: Four dead, a coast terrified and the birth of modern shark mania

By Steve Hendrix

Your risk of attack:

The New York Times, July 7, 1916

E04. The Badger Family Murders 

The Boston Globe 11 June 1890

The Boston Globe 8 December 1908

The Boston Globe 08 December 1908

The Boston Daily Globe 9 December 1908

Park, Edwin J ‘Crazed Man Kills 

Daughters’ The Boston Globe 9 December 1908

The Boston Daily Globe, Evening edition, 

8 December, 1908

The Boston Daily Globe 9 December 1908

The Boston Globe 11 June 1890

The Boston Globe 11 December, 1908

The Boston Globe 16 December 1908 

The Boston Globe 20 January 1915

The Wakefield Historical Society

E05 & E06: The Bounty

E07 & E08:  The Lindbergh Baby


Who Killed Lindbergh’s Baby by PBS Nova Documentary

British Pathé-

Part 2-

The Lindbergh Kidnapping Hoax website:

New York Times online archive:

Crime and Investigation:


E10. Zigmund Adamski

Alien Abduction Claims in Yorkshire:

The Iron Skeptic


On You Tube

E11. Papin Sisters 

E12. Natalee Holloway and Stefany Flores

Missing White Female

By Brian Burrough

Van der Sloot possibly told slain pal he killed Natalee Holloway

By Terence Cullen

Oxygen Network

Skeletal Remains Found in Natalee Holloway Case Confirmed as of ‘Caucasian’ Descent But Gender Still Unknown

By Jeff Truesdell

Joran van der Sloot’s Graphic Murder Confession

Murder was triggered by an anonymous email that threatened van der Sloot.

By Russell Goldman

New York Times Archives

You Tube Links:

13. Karl Denke

14. Tutankhamun 

The King Tut song

Tutankhamun, the Untold Story by Thomas Hoving 

The official records:


The Smithsonian

National Geographic (great photos!)

A brief history of medical cannibalism

Biography-King Tut

History of Embalming

Did Tut die suddenly?

New York Times Archive

Time Magazine,9171,736593,00.html

Howard Carters Watercolor

Curse Articles


Colorized photos:

E15. & E16. Rebecca Zahau

Link to help if you need it:

Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors: Ann Rule’s Crime Files Volume 16, by Ann Rule. ISBN 9781451648287

Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors: Ann Rule’s Crime Files Volume 16

History of the Mansion

The other mansion

Want to see inside? Danielle steels daughter got married at home:

Photos of the Coronado Mansion

Sheriff’s Department

Family talks about dead Coronado woman Rebecca Zahau

“We are Christian. We are not allowed to commit suicide.”

By Bill Manson, Sept. 14, 2011

This Reddit thread is incredibly comprehensive and well done


Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

Adams polygraph

Max’s accident recreation

Max’s Autopsy Report

Rebecca’s autopsy report


E18: Lauren Dunne Astley 

Lauren singing


Warning signs of domestic violence


E19 Fritz Haarmann

A list of victims…

E20 Lady of the Dunes


Mystery of `lady of the dunes’:  

Ebbert, Stephanie,  Boston Globe [Boston, Mass] 23 Aug 1998 

Sandra Lee’s story

Photo of the memorial to Sarah

E21 International Tales. 

E22- Axeman of New Orleans 


Axeman of New Orleans: The True Story

By Miriam Davis

Axman Came from Hell and Other Southern

By Keven McQueen

E23: Hoxter Horror House

Sources for this case are:

E24: Victorian Death Trip


The program that inspired this episode:


Wohl, Anthony S. Endangered Lives: Public Health in Victorian Britain. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1983.


Beeton, Isabella, The Book of Household Management (1861)



“Christianity and Crinoline.” New York Times, September 15, 1858

“The Perils of Crinoline.” New York Times,  March 16, 1858

V&A Article-

Burning Ballerinas


A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie by Harkup, Kathryn(September 8, 2015) Hardcover

Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present by Alison Matthews David (Bloomsbury, 2015):

Death & Mourning

Post mortem photography 

This is an excellent article dispelling myths-

Susan Marville Cantrell’s excellent website on the subject of post-mortem photography and myth.


Also recommended: 

Ask a Mortician:

Prior Attire:

E25: Dyatlov Pass 


E26: Clara Harris & Henry Rathbone


The Murder of An American Lady at Hanover

The Pall Mall Gazette, 31 December 1883, page 1

Lincoln Children:

Lincoln’s Assassination

The Moline Republican, April 16, 1897, Page 1

Lincoln Discussion Symposium

Lincoln’s Ghost

Lincoln collection 


Suggested Reading

A nice account of Mary Lincolns funeral

The story from Fords Theater about mistaken identity regarding the photo of Clara:

E27: Frauke Liebs


E28:  Carol & Christopher DiMaiti


 City Confidential:

Inside Edition (tw: shows bodies)

Rescue 911 Episode 120- Boston graphic 

Part 1 of 3

Rescue 911 2/3

Rescue 911 3/3 


Gypsy moths 

The Murder:

What the Stuarts knew and when they knew it


Mrs.DiMaiti obituary 

Boston Bussing: 

911 system

Newspaper articles

Constance L. Hays – The New York Times January 7, 1990

E29: Evelyn Nesbit

Here are the sources for this episode…



The sex chair –

E30: London Beer Flood

On the flood:

I’m an Anglophile, Johanna is a cinephile, and this guy right here is a zythophile, and his writing is superb. article by Martyn Cornell

Newspaper Articles 

The Morning Chronicle, London,  October 20, 1814, Page 3

Jackson’s Oxford Journal

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

Sat, Oct 22, 1814 · Page 2

The Exeter Flying Post, October 27, 1814, page 2.

The Derby Mercury, October 27, 1814, page 1

The Exeter Flying Post or, Trewman’s Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, Devon, England) · 27 Oct 1814, Thu · Page 3

On slums:

Beer Info: 

Brewery measurements

E31: Armin Meiwes


E32: Hammersmith Ghost Murder


The Morning Post (London, Greater London, England) 

6 Dec 1824,  Page 3

Aberdeen Journal, and General Advertiser for the North of Scotland

25 Jan 1804, Page 2

Old Bailey Trial Transcript:

Edward Walford, ‘Hammersmith’, in Old and New London: Volume 6 (London, 1878), pp. 529-548. 

British History Online

E33: Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Here are the sources for this episode:



IntroductionThe History and Stigma of Epilepsy

E34: Spooky Fuckery Abounds

No sources for this one, just your messages to us…

E35: John List 


Newspaper Articles:

The New York Times, ‘I Know That What Has Been Done Is Wrong,’ March 29, 1990, Section B, Page 2

“Dream of Affluence Became Nightmare,” Asbury Park Press, Asbury Park, New Jersey

12 Dec 1971,  Page 58

Cohen, Robert, “Westfield tragedy: Husband Hunted in Mass Slaying,” Newark Star-Ledger, December 9, 1971.

Gluck, Gabriel.  “Fifteen Years later, File Remains Open on Dad Who Killed Family and Fled,” Newark Star-Ledger, Dec. 14, 1986.

Tyrone Daily Herald, 13 Apr 1990, Page 1

The full note:


Righteous Carnage: The List Murders in Westfield

By Timothy B. Benford, James P. Johnson

General Articles: 


The House:

Photos including less graphic Crime Scene photos

The Courier-News (Bridgewater, New Jersey) · 11 Oct 1906, Thu · Page 1

The Nobel Prize & Malariotherapy: 

Crime Scene photos can be found here: 

E36: Aeryn Gillern



Aeryn talking about his Coming Out

The Kaiserbründl

Gone trailer

Gone clip


E37: The Greenbriar Ghost



This book was the place I found the most info on Anderson, the boy who found Zona.

Haunted West Virginia: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Mountain State

By Patty A. Wilson


Garry Rodgers wonderful site: 

E38: Cocoanut Grove Fire 


Official. BFD Report concerning the Cocoanut Grove fire, November 28, 1942

Full list of Victims

This link is a wealth of photos: 

Maverick Square Fire:

WGBH Forum 

Film, Six  Locked Doors

Medical articles/info: 

The North Adams Trasnscript , 16 Jan 1942,  Page 6


Esposito, John C.  Fire in the Grove. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, 2005.

Schorow, Stephanie.  The Cocoanut Grove Fire.  Beverly, MA: Commonwealth Editions, 2005.

E39:Greetings from Krampus

No real sources for this one, either 

E40: Martha Marek


E41: Spontontaneous Human Combustion

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume 21

St. Petersburg Times

Unexplained documentary 

Bleak House, by Charles Dickens

E42: Sargeant Al Powell

Merry Christmas, Hellions! 

E43: Dagmar Fuhrich



E44: Habsburg I

E45: Habsburg II


E46: Barbara Songhurst & Christine Reed


TV/you tube:

Murder Maps 

Martin Fido

The murders: 


Cost of things: 

Coronation :

Photos of the blitz

Brothel creepers

E47: Victorian Death Trip II



This Podcast Will Kill You-

Stuff you missed in History Class 

John Clark’s website: 

A rivalry of foulness: official and unofficial investigations of the London cholera epidemic of 1854.

John Snow, MD: anaesthetist to the Queen of England and pioneer epidemiologist

Michael A.E. Ramsay, MD, FRCA


Edwin Chadwick, Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain. A Supplementary Report on the results of a Special Inquiry into The Practice of Internment in Towns. (1843),

The Era (London, Greater London, England) · 31 Oct 1847, Sun · Page 6

The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Maryland) · 25 Jul 1848

Clarke, John (2004). London’s Necropolis: A Guide to Brookwood Cemetery. Sutton Publishing Ltd. ISBN 978-0-7509-3513-5.

E48: The Gladbeck Hostage Crisis



E49: Villisca I


Getting the Axe: 

A healing past: Tuberculosis sanitoriums were Springs’ 1st major economic driver 

by Nathan Vail

Collection of transcripts from old Gazette Articles about the 1911 Wayne and Burnham murders, including some photos-

Collection of articles from the 1911 Dawson case:

Dawson murder

Collection of articles on the Showman murders

Articles about the Hudson Murders


TWO FAMILIES SLAIN WITH AX – Horrid Crime Revealed at Colorado Springs

The Daily Republican Rushville, Indiana

21 Sep 1911, Page 6

Three slain in bed by fiend 

Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln, Nebraska, Monday 2 Oct 1911, Page 1

The Topeka State Journal – 18 Oct 1911 – Page 1, 8

Suspect convict of Arch Slayer 

Evening Times-Republican (Marshalltown, Iowa) 

19 Oct 1911, Page 7

Six are Murdered as they Slept

Arkansas Democrat Little Rock, Arkansas 

Sep 21, 1911,   Page 8


The Miami Republican, June 14, 1912

The National Field, October 23, 1911 – Page 5

E50: Villisca II


CSI Iowa

The Villisca Axe Murders:

A Forgotten Chapter of American Violence

By Edgar V. Epperly

The Ax Murder Who Got Away by Mike Dash

Getting the Axe Blog by Inspector Winship

The official website for the Villisca Axe Murder House

The Villisca Axe Murders Blog

Iowa Cold Cases Website

Serial Suspects: Who Committed the Villisca Axe Murders? By Orrin Grey

The Axe Murder Blog

Collection of transcribed newspaper articles

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