Episode 31: Murder – Armin Meiwes


Johanna tells Annie another cannibal story, the third in her German Cannibal trilogy… and now Annie thinks it’s time to phase out some of their traditional fairy tales… Join us for yet another disturbing and surprisingly sad story, that leaves Annie and Johanna feeling sorry for everyone involved.

E31: Armin Meiwes

Episode 22: Murder – The Axeman of New Orleans


It was about 100 years ago that a killer known as the Axe Man terrorized New Orleans, and demanded that the Crescent City  ‘jazz it,’ or get the axe. Annie & Johanna talk about the terrible attacks rocked the Big Easy and toast a widow who was pushed to the edge. Was the Axe-man really a demon from hell, or something a bit more…pedestrian? Laissez les terrifiant temps rouler!

E22: The Axeman of New Orleans

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