Episode 136: Murder – Ulrich Nacken

A young man spends a fun night at a discotheque, but he will never return home alive again. What happens in this cold January night is a senseless crime and a more senseless death. Johanna tells you about the murder of Ulrich Nacken, that teaches us all a lesson in civil courage! E136: Ulrich Nacken

Episode 129: Macabre – Urban Legends

Today we’re talking about Urban Legends…the lies we tell for the thrill of a scare. Annie & Johanna share the creepiest, most hair raising tales of terror from around the world for the first episode in the spookiest month. So sit back, relax…and don’t forget to check the backseat! E129: Urban Legends

Episode 128: Murder – Katharina Fellner

In the summer of 1928 workers find the burning body of a woman in a Viennese park. Who is the victim and who murdered her? And is this really an unsolved case? This week Johanna tells you the story of Katharina Fellner who was murdered at the Lainzer Tiergarten. E128: Katharina Fellner

Episode 127: Jack the Snipper

In early 1917, the people of Wilkes-Barre, PA were terrified by a attacker who was stalking young women and cutting off locks of their hair. Fear turned to hysteria as young women and girls received terrifying letters warning them they would be next, their hair often cut at the scalp. Would police catch the person responsible... Continue Reading →

Episode 126: Murder – Mary Catherine Edwards

Mary Catherine Edwards was a beautiful, beloved second grade teacher. Her brutal murder in 1995 was devastating for her friends and family, and shocked her hometown Beaumont, Texas. The case was cold for 26 years until just recently, when a DNA match through an ancestry site gave detectives their first lead.  This episode is sponsored... Continue Reading →

Episode 125: Murder – Grace Mae Brown

Grace Mae Brown was the bright beautiful daughter of a family who ran a dairy farm in South Otselic, NY. Today Annie tells us about her cold blooded murder in the beautiful Adirondacks, and the sensational trial that followed.  Outro: Arthur Collins "Bill Baley, Won't You Please Come Home?" (1902)

Episode 124: Murder – Pauline Picard

In the Spring of 1922, a family living on a picturesque farm in France was devastated when their lovely 2 year old daughter went missing one day, in broad daylight. A month later the grieving family had a visit from the police who came with a photograph and news that their daughter had been found... Continue Reading →

Episode 117: St. Stephen’s Cathedral

We have a lot of differences, but we both love the beauty, art, architecture and macabre aspects that come when visiting a historic place of worship, and today Johanna tells Annie about the famous St. Stephen’s cathedral in Vienna. This magnificent building’s mosaic tile roof might first catch your eye, but join us as Johanna... Continue Reading →

Episode 116: Reincarnation

Today we discuss two cases of Reincarnation that we find particularly compelling.A child in America with memories of his death as a navy pilot in World War 2 is discussed, as well as the story of a woman from the, UK who used hypnosis to help retrieve childhood memories, and track down the surviving children... Continue Reading →

Episode 115: Murder – Lucie Berlin

Johanna tells Annie about the devastating and infuriating murder of 8 year old Lucie Berlin. The trial was also notable, as some of the blood evidence presented in court was a first in the history of forensics E115: Lucie Berlin

Bonus: Lady of the Dunes Follow Up feat. Crimelines

We are back, this week with a bonus episode. Annie had the great pleasure to be a guest on Crimelines, True Crime. Charlie and Annie talk about the new developments in the mysterious case of the Lady of the Dunes. Will we soon learn the true identity of this unforgotten Jane Doe?

Episode 111: Things That Make You Go HMMM

This week we take a look at some of the lighter spookier coincidences we know of.  Did Mark Twin predict his own death?  What are the coincidences between Lincoln & Kennedy? How does nature vs. nurture play a role in the story of the Jim Twins? Can Sir Anthony Hopkins please confirm a rumor about his role... Continue Reading →

Episode 110: Mystery – The Beast of Gévaudan

This week Johanna tells Annie the story of the Beast of Gévaudan, who is thought to be responsible for over 100 deaths. But what, or who, was this creature that haunted the remote French region in the middle of the 18th century? E110: The Beast of Gévaudan

Episode 109: Murder – Grayce Asquith

Known as the ‘Merry Widow of Weymouth,’ by the police who were occasionally called to end parties, Grayce Asquith was a woman who had survived a lot of loss, but had found happiness again, only to be brutally murdered and dismembered, at the age of 41.John Lyons, the man she intended to marry, was missing,... Continue Reading →

Episode 103: Mathias Kneißl

Johanna tells Annie the story of Mathias Kneißl, a Bavarian folk legend from the 1800’s. How did this accordion playing carpenter become a killer, and wanted man? Did he manipulate the system, or was he a victim of it?  E103: Kneißl

Episode 100: Happy 100th Episode

Today we’re celebrating our 100th episode by sharing some of your stories of murder, mystery and the macabre. CW: this episode touched on suicide, addiction, and other difficult topics, listener discretion is advised! E100

Episode 99: Murder – Sylvia Likens (part II)

Today we conclude the Sylvia Likens case by telling you about the abuse and torture she suffered during the weeks leading up to her death. We also discuss the trial that followed and the aftermath. This episode is particularly difficult to listen to! E99: Sylvia Likens II

Episode 97: Murder – Anna Regina Evans Skeeters

Annie tells Johanna about a long forgotten murder on the beautiful island of Bermuda. This is a tragic case of domestic abuse and murder, at the hands of her husband, Edward Skeeters...perhaps with a supernatural twist? You decide if it was coincidence or something unexplained that gave the lovely, kind Anna the justice she deserved,... Continue Reading →

Episose 96: Murder – Graeme Thorne

When the Thorne family, of Bondi, won the 10th Opera House lottery their lives changed overnight.  But instead of a dream come true that helped their hardworking family, the lotto win quickly became a nightmare when their 8 year old son, Graeme was taken on his way to school. The kidnapping of Graeme Thorne shocked... Continue Reading →

Episode 95: Murder – Hugo Schenk

Johanna takes Annie back to the Habsburg era, to discuss one of Austria’s serial killers, Hugo Schenk. This imposter, con-man and murderer was charming, brutal and ruthless, and he didn’t work alone. Most infuriating? His motive.       This eispde is sponsored by Best Fiends: http://www.bestfiends.com E95: Hugo Schenk

Episode 94: Macabre – In the Year 2020

In this episode we read back through some of the top headlines of 2020, most of which are...not good. We discuss some of the major events in a particularly awful year and conclude with some of the more interesting New year's traditions around the world. Join us and remember everything we survived this year E94:... Continue Reading →

Episode 93: Harold Lyme & Marvin Murchins

What started as a run of the mill burglary on Christmas Eve would end in one of the most violent attacks this small town in Illinois would ever witness. Soon the question would be: Who is the hunter and who is the prey?! Talking about children with violent tendencies is never easy, especially during the... Continue Reading →

Episode 91: Murder – The Lawson Family

It was on Christmas Day 1929, when Charles D. Lawson went on a 20 min killing spree, that resulted in the death of almost his entire family. What had caused this horrendous crime? This episode is sponsored by Best Fiends: www.bestfiends.com Outro: "The Murder of the Lawson Family" by Carolina Buddies E91: Lawson family

Episode 89: Madeleine McCann (part II)

Today Annie & Johanna conclude their discussion of the Madeleine McCann case. We travel from the UK to Portugal and finally to Germany, where Madeleine’s likely killer is behind bars for an unrelated crime. We discuss the ‘man’ the German authorities refer to as Christian B, his disturbing criminal past, and share our final thoughts... Continue Reading →

Episode 87: Murder – Ernst Karl

This week Johanna tells Annie about an Austrian police officer, forced to use his weapon on the job. But this was no simple officer involved shooting.  You will also learn, how this case ties in with last week's episode, the murder of Ilse Moschner. This story is sad and dark! Psychiatrische Soforthilfe für Wien (24h... Continue Reading →

Episode 86: Murder – Ilse Moschner

A woman finds a bundle of bones wrapped up in paper in a trash can and this starts one of the most horrible Austrian cases. Johanna tells Annie about the murder of a young woman by a man named Johann Rogatsch. Be warned: this is not for the faint of heart. E86: Ilse Moschner

Episode 85: Halloween Special

In this, our second annual Halloween episode, we share our own and our listener's stories of the unexplained, the weird, the inspiring, and of course, the spooky... Cover art: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels E85: Halloween2020

Episode 81: Austrian Ghost Stories

Beware! Spooky Fuckery Season is upon us and we decided to start off the month of October with a light hearted epsiode about Austrian Ghosts. Johanna talks about a White Lady and a Red Ivan, who both live at Burg Bernstein. She also tells the legend of a highway ghost, and about 3 famous ghosts,... Continue Reading →

Episode 80: Murder – Was it a Serial Killer (part II)

In the second part, Annie talks about the case, that started her research: ther murder of Josie Langmaid. Was her brutal death connected to the murders of the Fountie women and Marietta Ball? Was Joseph LaPage indeed a serial killer? Outro: Suncook Town Tragedy by Mabel Wilson Tatro E80

Episode 76: Macabre – The Empire State Building

Annie & Johanna discuss the weird, wonderful and often macabre history of the Empire State Building, including its record breaking construction, infamous and tragic suicides, the B-25 bomber crash, seances, and more. This episode will have you ready with disturbing facts to delight your friends and family with the next time you visit the Big... Continue Reading →

Episode 73: Neighbors Dearest

Johanna is back and tells Annie about an Austrian case from 2016. A fight between neighbors gone deadly. If you have information on the murder of Frauke Liebs, please visit Frauke-liebs.de E73: Neighbors

Episode 70: Ursula Herrmann

Today Johanna tells Annie the tragic and terrifying 1981 case of kidnapped 10 year old, Ursula Herrmann in Bavaria, Germany. What happened to this bright beautiful child on her way home from her cousin’s house, only a 15 minute bike ride? We’ll tell you everything. E70: Ursula Herrmann

Episode 67: Mystery – Asha Degree

In the early morning hours of Valentine's Day, 2000, a bright, beautiful 9 year old girl left her home, and walked out into a storm, never to be seen again. Today Annie tells Johanna about the mysterious disappearance of Asha Jaquilla Degree, who disappeared from her loving family in North Carolina twenty years ago. What... Continue Reading →

Episode 65: Murder – Gay Gibson

murder The murder of a young, beautiful aspiring stage actress, known as Gay Gibson, shocked post WWII England, and the tabloids were a welcome diversion from the austerity of England in the late 1940s, especially   due to the unusual circumstances of the case. The trial would be more about her past than her stolen future,... Continue Reading →

Episode 64: The Theft of the Saliera

In 2003 a precious sculpture was stolen from the Museum of Art History in Vienna. Was it a meticulously planned heist or was the thief just lucky? And what even is this world famous Saliera exactly, who was the man behind the master piece and how did it end up in Vienna in the first... Continue Reading →

Episode 63: Murder – Theresia Kandl

murder Today Johanna tells Annie about Theresia Kandl, an Austrian murderer, whose story has become almost legend through the years. Did a Theresia carry her dead husband halfway through Vienna? Did she have help? Are her remains really on display at the Kriminalmuseum? Join us as we discuss the life and death of an abused... Continue Reading →

Episode 62: St. Augustine & The Haunted Lighthouse

Annie tells Johanna some of the fascinating history of St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. From the 'discovery,' and colonization of Florida by Spain's famed explorers, Juan Ponce de Leon and Pedro Menendez de Aviles, to the first Underground Railroad, of Native people helping escaped slaves find freedom in Fort Mose...through the... Continue Reading →

Episode 61: Mystery – Lars Mittank

In 2014 the 28 year old German tourist Lars Mittank disappears in Bulgaria and nobody knows what happened to him. What might have started with a fight between soccer fans ended in one of the most mysterious missing person cases. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Lars Mittank, please contact your local... Continue Reading →

Episode 59: Mothman & The Silver Bridge Collapse

In today's episode, we discuss the terrible tragedy of the Silver Bridge Collapse, and the local legend of the Mothman, the infamous cryptid who called Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home. What exactly was the Mothman? A monster, a mutant, or the most ineffienct harbinger of doom, ever? Let us know what you think! E59: Mothman

Episode 58: Two Tales of Isolation

This week we want to distract you with two stories of people, who had to suffer through months and years of loneliness, despair and isolation, but who never gave up hope and lived through it. Ada Blackjack and Lt. Onoda Hiroo had to adapt to extremely harsh living conditions, but they just kept going! Outro:... Continue Reading →

Episode 55: Murder – Eva Faschaunerin

murder In this episode we are taking you back to the year 1770, when an Austrian farmer's wife was set on trial for the murder of her husband. They had only been married for a little over a month. Eva Faschaunerin was the last victim of judicial torture in the Habsburg Monarchy. This episode is... Continue Reading →

Episode 53: Mystery – The Bennington Triangle

mystery Vermont is one of the most pastoral picturesque states in America, known for its covered bridges, cheese, stunning fall foliage, delicious maple syrup, winter sports, and a series of mysterious disappearances amd deaths in and around Bennington between 1945 and 1950. The Bennington Triangle is believed to be at the source of the mysterious... Continue Reading →

Episode 52: Mystery – The Enfield Poltergeist

mystery In 1977, the Enfield Poltergeist tormented a North London family and remains, arguably, the most documented poltergeist case to date. Flying LEGO’s and superheated marbles, levitation, apparitions... this case has everything! You voted for this topic for our 1st anniversary episode, so join us as we discuss our listener choice, The Enfield Poltergeist, the... Continue Reading →

Episode 50: Murder – Villisca (Part II)

murder In this episode we cover the terrible axe murder that put the small town of Villisca, Iowa on the map. We’ll discuss the murder that destroyed both the Moore family and the Stillinger family, and explore the clues left behind by the killer. We’ll talk about the most likely suspects, and try to decide whether... Continue Reading →

Episode 49: Murder – Villisca (Part I)

murder In 1911 and 1912 there was a series of murders, all near train tracks, through the Rocky Mountains region to the Midwest. Today we discuss these horrific crimes leading up to the axe murders in Villisca. Do you think they are all the same unknown serial killer?  This episode is sponsored by Podcorn. For more... Continue Reading →

Introducing – For Life: The Podcast

In 1991, Isaac Wright Jr. was wongfully convicted and faced a life in prison. But he kept going and fought for justice, not only for himself, but also for fellow inmates. After 7 years his charges were finally dismissed and Isaac Wright Jr. set out to study law and to become an advocate for people... Continue Reading →

Episode 45: Habsburg Tragedies (Part II)

In the second part, Annie and Johanna talk about the murder of Empress Elisabeth I. in Geneva and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Duchess Sophie in Sarajevo, which ultimately started WW I.  E34: Habburg Tragedies part II

Episode 44: Habsburg Tragedies (Part I)

The Habsburg dynasty ruled Austria for 640 years. In this two part episode we focus on the last decades of the dying empire. This week Annie and Johanna talk about the tragic and scandalous deaths of Crown Prince Rudolf and his 17 year old mistress Mary Vetsera. E44: Habsburg part I

Episode 42: Sergeant Al Powell

On December 24, 1988, Sergeant Al Powell, of the LAPD would face the most difficult day of his long and storied career on the force. Join us, as we reflect on the shocking and tragic hostage situation that turned strangers into friends and terrorists into thieves. E42: Al Powell

Episode 40: Murder – Martha Marek

murder Martha Marek survived a deeply troubling childhood, and emerged a beautiful young woman who loved a nice carpet almost as much as she loved rat poison. Johanna tells Annie a twisted tale of greed, quality carpets, sincerely shocking levels of fraud, and of course...murder. E40: Martha Marek

Episode 39: Greetings from Krampus

In this episode we do not only talk about the Krampus, we also face our childhood holiday traumas and begin to heal. Join Annie and Johanna in this rather chatty episode, when they laugh in the face of the Krampus!  E39: Krampus

Episode 37: Murder – The Greenbrier Ghost

murder Somewhere along a picturesque highway in the mountains of West Virginia is a sign that reads, “Interred in nearby cemetery is Zona Heaster Shue. Her death in 1897 was presumed natural until her spirit appeared to her mother to describe how she was killed by her husband Edward. Autopsy on the exhumed body verified... Continue Reading →

Episode 33: The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

The exorcism  of Anneliese Michel inspired the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose". The true story is much more sad, and disturbing than one can imagine. Johanna and Annie cover this incredibly shocking and tragic case. E33: Anneliese Michel

Episode 31: Murder – Armin Meiwes

murder Johanna tells Annie another cannibal story, the third in her German Cannibal trilogy... and now Annie thinks it's time to phase out some of their traditional fairy tales... Join us for yet another disturbing and surprisingly sad story, that leaves Annie and Johanna feeling sorry for everyone involved. E31: Armin Meiwes

Episode 29: Murder – Evelyn Nesbit

murder Evelyn Nesbit was one of the great American beauties, a Gibson girl who captured many hearts. Two in particular, famed architect Stanford White, and Harry Thaw, bon vivant and heir to a massive fortune, found themselves in a shocking triangle of violence, madness, obsession and,  ultimately, murder.

Episode 28: Murder – Carol & Christopher DiMaiti

murder In 1989 Boston was shocked by the brutal, senseless attack on Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife, Carol. Their tragedy was captured by a live television crew, which captivated and horrified the city of Boston, and the nation. E28: Carol & Christopher DiMaiti

Episode 27: Mystery – Frauke Liebs

mystery This week Johanna tells Annie about the mysterious disappearance and death of Frauke Liebs, the chilling and confounding continued phone calls from her, to her loved ones, and her tragic end. Was she another victim of the infamous Höxter Horror House? E27: Frauke Liebs

Episode 24: Macabre – Victorian Death Trip

macabre Deadly wallpaper, exploding combs, burning ballerinas, murder bottles, and more macabre stories... Join us on a Victorian Death Trip, where we discuss all the horrible and shocking ways you could die in this fascinating era!  E24: Victorian Death Trip

Episode 21: Special – International Tales

In a very special episode we break from our usual format, and cover some of the murders, mysteries and macabre stories from countries our listeners are from. In Malta, the murder of Sylvia King and the mysterious elongated skulls found in the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.  In Greece, the 1991 disappearance of 21 month old Ben... Continue Reading →

Episode 20: Murder – Lady of the Dunes

murder In the summer of 1974 a girl and her beagle found the badly decomposed body of a murdered woman in the dunes of Provincetown, Massachusetts, and it remains one of the Cape Cod’s most well known cold cases. Who was this woman? Was Whitey Bulger involved in her death?  Might she be an extra... Continue Reading →

Episode 19: Murder – Fritz Haarmann

murder War brings chaos, creating the perfect environment for a serial killer to prey on unsuspecting victims. Join us as Johanna tells Annie about the infamous Fritz Haarmann, who preyed upon post war Germany. This is the second part of her German Cannibal trilogy. E19: Fritz Haarmann

Episode 18: Murder – Lauren Dunne Astley

Annie tells Johanna about the tragic 2011 murder of 18 year old Lauren Astley, which happened on her street in Wayland, Massachusetts. We discuss the issue of breakup violence, especially in teenagers. Please join us as we discuss this terribly senseless murder and it's aftermath. E18: Lauren Dunne Astley

Episode 17: Mystery – YOG’TZE

mystery Johanna covers the mysterious YOG'TZE incident, a mysterious death that has haunted Germany and the rest of Europe since the 80s. Was it murder or madness that caused the mysterious death of Günther Stoll. Don't forget to tell us what you think... E17: YOG'TZE

Episode 15: Mystery – Rebecca Zahau (Part I)

mystery In 2011, the affluent beach town of Coronado, California was rocked by not one, but two mysterious deaths, both at the historic Spreckles Mansion. Six year old Max Shacknai suffered a fatal fall, which some to this day believe was no accident. Days later, his father's girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, was found hanging from a... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Macabre – The Curse of Tutankhamun

macabre We've been fascinated with mummies for as long as we can remember. Join us as we discuss ancient Egyptian mummification, the strange history of mummies through the Victorian era, and the amazing discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Was the boy king murdered, and did opening the tomb unleash a terrible curse? We'll tell... Continue Reading →

Episode 11: Murder – The Papin Sisters

murder The shocking story of the Papin sisters is perhaps the most well known, and most horrific case of follie a deux, or twin madness. This famous French case devastated the Lancelin family, and rocked Le Mans, and the rest of Europe. E11: The Papin Sisters

Episode 9: Murder – Hinterkaifeck

murder Annie thought she knew everything about the gruesome and baffling Hinterkaifek case, until she covered it with Johanna, who speaks German. This unsolved family massacre is haunting and perplexing, creepy and disturbing. Join us as we go over this infamous and terrible unsolved case. E09: Hinterkaifeck

Episode 4: Murder-Wakefield

murder In 1908 Hiram Badger went on a shooting rampage down Main Street in Wakefield, Massachusetts. The quaint Boston suburb was shocked by the violent events of the day, but his worst deeds were yet to be discovered... Join us for this terribly tragic story of madness and murder. E04: The Wakefield Murders

Episode 3: Macabre – Jersey Maneater

macabre In the summer of 1916, a series of shark attacks rocked the busy beaches of the New Jersey shore, where swimmers had previously believed that sharks never attacked people. But surely you'd be safe miles from the ocean, swimming in a freshwater creek? Think again.  You've heard it mentioned in the movie JAWS, this... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Murder-Bleistiftmörder

murder Johanna tells Annie about the cold case that haunted her childhood in Austria. In 1973 9 year old Gabi was walking home from school and never made it home. Her body was found in the park close to her home and the details of the brutal, bizarre crime will leave you cold cold cold...  The... Continue Reading →

Episode 1: Murder-Smuttynose

murder Years before Lizzie Borden took an axe, another terrible axe murder shocked the New England coast. This is the story that inspired the book The Weight of Water, by Anita Shreve, and the film that followed. Join us as we tell you the harrowing true tale of murder, greed, and survival, and the devastating,... Continue Reading →

Teaser: Introduction

Listen to this little teaser episode, where we talk about ourselves, where we are from and how we ended up fascinated by murder, mysteries and the macabre.  You will also learn why beagles are not dogs, why Annie scares her husband and how we both ended up in prison! Teaser: Introduction

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