Episode 69: Murder – Peggy Andrews


Annie tells Johanna about the brutal unsolved murder of 19 year old co-ed Peggy Andrews in Columbus, Ohio

E69: Peggy Andrews

Episode 67: Mystery – Asha Degree

In the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day, 2000, a bright, beautiful 9 year old girl left her home, and walked out into a storm, never to be seen again. Today Annie tells Johanna about the mysterious disappearance of Asha Jaquilla Degree, who disappeared from her loving family in North Carolina twenty years ago. What do you think happened?

E67: Asha Degree

Episode 65: Murder – Gay Gibson


The murder of a young, beautiful aspiring stage actress, known as Gay Gibson, shocked post WWII England, and the tabloids were a welcome diversion from the austerity of England in the late 1940s, especially   due to the unusual circumstances of the case. The trial would be more about her past than her stolen future, so today Annie does her best to tell you the story as it should be told.

E65: Gay Gibson

Episode 64: The Theft of the Saliera

In 2003 a precious sculpture was stolen from the Museum of Art History in Vienna. Was it a meticulously planned heist or was the thief just lucky? And what even is this world famous Saliera exactly, who was the man behind the master piece and how did it end up in Vienna in the first place?

Johanna tells Annie everything there is no to know about the theft of Cellini’s Salt Cellar

E64: Saliera

Episode 63: Murder – Theresia Kandl


Today Johanna tells Annie about Theresia Kandl, an Austrian murderer, whose story has become almost legend through the years. Did a Theresia carry her dead husband halfway through Vienna? Did she have help? Are her remains really on display at the Kriminalmuseum? Join us as we discuss the life and death of an abused woman, pushed over the edge.

E63: Theresia Kandl

Episode 62: St. Augustine & The Haunted Lighthouse

Annie tells Johanna some of the fascinating history of St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. From the ‘discovery,’ and colonization of Florida by Spain’s famed explorers, Juan Ponce de Leon and Pedro Menendez de Aviles, to the first Underground Railroad, of Native people helping escaped slaves find freedom in Fort Mose…through the second Spanish period, and the construction of the very haunted Saint Augustine Lighthouse. We talk about the USA’s first male and female Hispanic American lighthouse keepers, and discuss some of the tragedies that may have contributed to the haunting. This one has a little bit of everything…

E62: St. Augustine

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