Episode 187: Murder – The Identification of Ruth Marie Terry/ Lady of the Dunes Update (part III)

Today we cover the grand larceny trial of Guy Rockwell, and the lack of a homicide trial for Manzanita or Dolores Mearns. 
We also discuss the fact that Guy married Ruth Marie Terry in 1974, months before her partially dismembered body was found. Ruth was identified as the Lady of the Dunes on Halloween 2022. Today we discuss the vibrant 37 year old, long missed by her beloved family in Tennessee, who never gave up hope.
Dolores, Manzanita and Ruth may not have been the only people ‘Raoul’ Guy Rockwell Muldavin (allegedly) brutally murdered. Anyone who has information about the whereabouts about Muldavin and Terry in 1973 and 1974 are asked to contact Massachusetts State Police at 1-800-KAPTURE.

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