Episode 188: Fresh Hell Pet Wall of Fame (Dog Edition)

In today’s more lighthearted episode, we look back at two of the most infamous dogs in history. Greyfriar’s Bobby, Edinburgh Scotland’s most loyal dog, a Terrier who rests beside his beloved human in the stunningly spooky Greyfriar’s Kirkyard.

Also, Smoky, the ’Yorkie Doodle Dandy, ‘ whose mysterious appearance in a foxhole during World War II baffled soldiers. She soon became the lifelong companion of Corporal William Wynne, and served bravely in the war saving the lives of hundreds of soldiers on the Pacific front!

Join us as we discuss some of our favorite pets in history, the incredible lives they lived, and their enduring legacy.

(Spoiler alert! Both Bobby and Smoky have long and adventurous terrier lives, and die peacefully of old age. )


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