Episode 167: Murder – Another New England Serial Killer (part I)

1850, a 5 year old child is taken from her home in Derry, New Hampshire.

1862, 9 year old Lura Vellie Libby does not arrive at her Sunday School. Her body is found the next day near her family’s farm in Maine.

1865 in Boston, siblings Isabella and John Joyce leave their grandmothers house in the South End, to play in some nearby woods, and are never heard from again. Their bodies are found in Bussey’s Woods, their injuries are horrific.

Northwood, New Hampshire, in 1872, 13 year old Georgina Lovering is murdered, but the killer is close…could he be responsible for all of these terrible crimes?

Today Annie discusses Part 1 of this 2 part episode. Could these crimes be connected to those we discussed in Episodes 80&81?

E167: Another New England Serial Killer I

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