Episode 61: Mystery – Lars Mittank

In 2014 the 28 year old German tourist Lars Mittank disappears in Bulgaria and nobody knows what happened to him. What might have started with a fight between soccer fans ended in one of the most mysterious missing person cases. If you have any information about the whereabouts of Lars Mittank, please contact your local authorities , +49 151 61378673,  or visit http://www.findet-lars-mittank.de/

E61: Lars Mittank

Episode 60: Macabre – Nova Scotia & The Titanic


In the wake of the recent, tragic, mass shooting event in Nova Scotia, we thought we’d tell our listeners about one of the many times Nova Scotia, and the people of Canada managed to handle a time of crisis with dignity and great care. Canada was, of course, a safe refuge for countless air travelers on 9/11, but they also had a crucial role in the story of the Titanic. Today we are talking about the people of Nova Scotia, especially in Halifax, coming together to care for Titanic’s dead. We’ll tell you a little about this part of Titanic’s history that many have forgotten, or overlooked, and why this part of the world is at the top of Annie’s “must visit” travel list, as we send a virtual hug to Nova Scotia, and the people of Canada during this most difficult time to grieve. 

E60: Nova Scotia & The Titanic

Episode 59: Mothman & The Silver Bridge Collapse

In today’s episode, we discuss the terrible tragedy of the Silver Bridge Collapse, and the local legend of the Mothman, the infamous cryptid who called Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home. What exactly was the Mothman? A monster, a mutant, or the most ineffienct harbinger of doom, ever? Let us know what you think!

E59: Mothman

Episode 58: Two Tales of Isolation

This week we want to distract you with two stories of people, who had to suffer through months and years of loneliness, despair and isolation, but who never gave up hope and lived through it. Ada Blackjack and Lt. Onoda Hiroo had to adapt to extremely harsh living conditions, but they just kept going!

Outro: Kimigayo/ the Japanese National Anthem

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E58: Isolation

Episode 57: Macabre – The hijacking of FedEx 705


This week is the 26th anniversary of the hijacking of Fed Ex flight 705.
What should have been a routine flight from Memphis to San Diego became an unbelievable fight for survival in the sky. Today Annie tells Johanna about the hero pilots of flight 705, and a plane that helped save their lives.

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E57: FedEx 705

Episode 56: We don’t know, how to name this one…Enjoy!

This week we decided to talk about four of the most bizarre moments in history, that hold some humor….dark humor!

The unexpected death of Aeschylus, Tycho Brahe’s unusual pet, the day Napoleon had to retreat from a fluffy army and the chaos that was the first Olympic marathon on US soil, during the Olympic games of 1904.

We share with you a few of our favorite tales and strange deaths, while keeping each other company under quarantine.

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Episode 55: Murder – Eva Faschaunerin


In this episode we are taking you back to the year 1770, when an Austrian farmer’s wife was set on trial for the murder of her husband. They had only been married for a little over a month. Eva Faschaunerin was the last victim of judicial torture in the Habsburg Monarchy.

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E55: Eva Faschaunerin

Episode 54: Murder – The Crawford Family Murders


In 1970 Elmer Crawford spent a lot of time planning the murder of his wife and three children…this Family Annihilator almost got away with his plan to play the grieving husband and father…but even though one mistake made it clear he was the killer, would he ever be brought to justice? Annie tells Johanna all about this horrific Australian crime.

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E54: The Crawford Family

Episode 53: Mystery – The Bennington Triangle


Vermont is one of the most pastoral picturesque states in America, known for its covered bridges, cheese, stunning fall foliage, delicious maple syrup, winter sports, and a series of mysterious disappearances amd deaths in and around Bennington between 1945 and 1950. The Bennington Triangle is believed to be at the source of the mysterious cases. Join us as we discuss what may have happened to Middie Rivers, Paula Jean Weldon, James Tedford, Paul Jephson and Frieda Langer. 

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E53: Bennington Triangle

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