Episode 87: Murder – Ernst Karl

This week Johanna tells Annie about an Austrian police officer, forced to use his weapon on the job. But this was no simple officer involved shooting.  You will also learn, how this case ties in with last week’s episode, the murder of Ilse Moschner.

This story is sad and dark!

Psychiatrische Soforthilfe für Wien (24h Hotline): +43 1 31330
Corona-Sorgenhotline Wien (8.00-20.00 Uhr): +43 1 4000 53000
Notfallpsychologischer Dienst Österreich (24h Hotline): +43 699 188 554 00
Rat auf Draht (24h Hotline): 147
Servicetelefon der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe: +43 1 4000 8011
Kriseninterventionszentrum (10.00-17.00 Uhr): +43 1 406 95 95

E87: Ernst Karl

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