Episode 60: Macabre – Nova Scotia & The Titanic


In the wake of the recent, tragic, mass shooting event in Nova Scotia, we thought we’d tell our listeners about one of the many times Nova Scotia, and the people of Canada managed to handle a time of crisis with dignity and great care. Canada was, of course, a safe refuge for countless air travelers on 9/11, but they also had a crucial role in the story of the Titanic. Today we are talking about the people of Nova Scotia, especially in Halifax, coming together to care for Titanic’s dead. We’ll tell you a little about this part of Titanic’s history that many have forgotten, or overlooked, and why this part of the world is at the top of Annie’s “must visit” travel list, as we send a virtual hug to Nova Scotia, and the people of Canada during this most difficult time to grieve. 

E60: Nova Scotia & The Titanic

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